Run for your lives!1

I posted earlier on the invasion of Hyde Park by body-snatching Lyndon Larouche crazies. The tone see

By Tim Murphy

I posted earlier on the invasion of Hyde Park by body-snatching Lyndon Larouche crazies. The tone seemed a little hysterical at the time, and truth be told, I didn’t really think my life was in danger during my walk to class.But according to this Washington Post article (originally posted in the comments by Justin), we actually are all going to die, sooner rather than later, and the last thing we’ll see is Lyndon LaRouche’s cold, passionless face staring down upon us like a Basilisk.There are so many passages of note, but I think this one might be the best:

He was an unsuccessful student, he recalls, because he refused to believe his teachers’ accepted truths. In geometry class, for example, “I could not accept the axioms and postulates,” LaRouche writes. Later, attending Northeastern University in Boston “enraged” him, he writes. His instructors “lacked the competence to teach me on conditions I was willing to tolerate.” So he quit.

It’s always those damn axioms and postulates. I can only imagine what office hours must have been like for poor Lyndon at Northeastern. But more on the immediate threat:

For three decades, LaRouche and his followers have accused enemies, including American, Soviet and British intelligence agencies, of sending brainwashed zombies to assassinate him. In December 1973, a 26-year-old British LaRouche associate named Christopher White claimed that he had been brainwashed as part of a plot to kill LaRouche. LaRouche activists announced that they’d been forced to put White through a grueling “de-programming,” and offered recordings of the sessions to a New York Times reporter as proof. “There are sounds of weeping, and vomiting on the tapes, and Mr. White complains of being deprived of sleep, food and cigarettes,” the resulting Times story says. “At one point someone says ‘raise the voltage,’ but (LaRouche) says this was associated with the bright lights used in the questioning rather than an electric shock.” “During the intensive questioning on one day, Mr. White complains of a terrible pain in his arm,” the story says, adding that LaRouche can be heard telling him: “That’s not real. That’s in the program.”

According to the article, LaRouche’s supporters have been known to attack suspected zombies with nunchucks and metal pipes. His security team prowls the fields outside his estate with night vision goggles and communicates in German. The piece centers around the story of Jeremiah Duggan, a young Englishman who tried to quit the movement and wound up dead, 30 minutes later, under suspicious circumstances.’You could make a reasonable argument that Lyndon LaRouche is the tyrannical leader of an international terrorist organization. He’s a convicted felon (fraud), he’s surrounded by a veritable army of brainwashed youths, and he’s taken forceful and highly illegal actions to achieve his means. If President Zimmer wants to make this a safer community, he can start by kicking the LaRouchians out.