Letter to the Editor

By The Maroon Staff

To the Editor:

I recently graduated from the University of Chicago (Political Science ’01) and am used to weighty pronouncements emanating from Professor Wellstones and their pot-smoking or croissant-eating disciples at the University of Chicago. When will these professors (re)gain a veneer of academic integrity? It was enough to be preached to while trying to study at the University of Chicago; now these professors are preachers to the whole world on military tactics and international security. I am referring to the Divinity School faculty issuing a petition about a possible war with Iraq. We’ve had 16 years of trying to engage Saddam Hussein diplomatically. That small failure seems to be lost in the ether. If only divinity professors and pot-smokers died in terrorist attacks, then I would be against war too. However, nothing ever seems to touch them. Wake up. American lives aside, the people of Iraq, like the Jews of yesteryear deserve a respite from gassing and torturing and the diplomacy of Chamberlain.

John East

A.B. 2001