New College Council gets organized for year ahead

By Tara Kadioglu

Student Government’s (SG) newly elected College Council met for the first time with the executive slate and the Graduate Council representatives on Sunday.

The newly elected College Council members are: fourth-years Maryah Qureshi, Gadiel Castro-Zapata, and David Gardner; third-years Cameron Downing, Steven Chen, and Ben Mainzer; second-years Yi Rong, Yenisey Rodriguez, Robert Hubbard, and Chang He; and first-years Dave Clayman, Dave Courchaine, Kate Hui, and Vanessa Tantillo. Haeyong Kim is the “Nth-year” class officer.

The executive slate members spoke about their respective committees and interested students signed up to join them. Elections were then held for the SG members that will constitute the Student Government Finance Committee (SGFC), the Programming Coordinating Council (PCC), and the Committee on Registered Student Organizations (CORSO).

The election results and chair decisions have not yet been announced.

“The meeting went well. We really have a great group to work with this year. I’m sure it will be full of successes and accomplishments,” said Yanet Bahena, Vice President for Student Affairs.

SG President Bo LeiLei Shan noted the increased attention this year’s elections got from students. Voter participation in the Council elections was up 100 percent from two years ago.