Hallowed Grounds mixes coffee & comedy

ORCSA hosted its first-ever student stand-up comedy show Tuesday night at Hallowed Grounds coffee shop.

By Madhu Srikantha

Talk of genetically modified octopuses filled the air at Hallowed Grounds Tuesday night, as ORCSA hosted its first-ever student stand-up comedy show.

The five performances, which included four aspiring stand-up comedians and one act by the improv comedy troupe Off-Off Campus, had the student coffee shop consistently ringing with laughter, though at points it was clear that audience members found certain routines too lewd.

First-year Will Dart, the fourth act, had a few listeners heading for the exits during his short act, when he speculated about the awkward morning-after if he were to sleep with one of his younger sister’s friends.

“I have this theory that beards correspond with levels of manliness, like Super Saiyans in Dragon Ball Z,” Dart said. Coming up with material was a simple process, he said, despite having never performed stand-up before. “I bounce a lot of stuff off him,” he said, pointing to his friend and audience member, first-year Brandon Rayhaun.

First-years Mickey Desruisseaux and Oliver Dean also delivered punch lines.

The longest routine belonged to Off-Off Campus, who consistently drew laughs with a round of the improvisation game “Montage,” wherein multiple disconnected scenes are put in sequence.

In the final act, second-year Anna Moss delivered a rendition of rapper Asher Roth’s song, “I Love College,” modified to be more pertinent to the average University of Chicago student.

ORCSA sponsored the student event following the success of other recent stand-up shows, like a performance last year by 30 Rock writer Donald Glover, according to ORCSA’s campus activities coordinator Katie Przybys.

“I think that it just takes one student to get up and do it and succeed to encourage other students to try,” she said.