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Reasons for living

A short, incomplete list of things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.

It’s ninth week. Finals are coming, the weather’s getting worse, and you have to start looking for a summer internship or a job. Life kind of sucks, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner. So in the spirit of the holiday, here are a few things to be thankful for:

Rockefeller Chapel Carillon: The definition of holiday spirit.

Kimbark Liquors: The definition of holiday spirits.

The East Shuttle: The one time a week when it decides to show up on time really makes it all worthwhile.

Grounds of Being: By far the best and cheapest coffee on campus, now open late on Wednesdays.

MAC Apartments: Because we love when our front door, laundry room, and fire escape are all broken—it makes us appreciate the little things.

Hyde Park Records: We all need a place to feel like John Cusack from time to time.

The Seminary Co-op: For when you can’t turn to any other friend.

UCPD: Well, at least it’s not the UC Davis PD.

The Reg’s music collection: You haven’t listened to Giant Steps? Or Tchaikovsky’s 5th? Run to the 3rd floor of the Reg and get educated.

Tuesdays at Doc: Le Samourai. Breathless. The Red Circle. Enough said.

The Pub: Great service and an excellent selection of beers. Way ahead of that other popular Hyde Park bar.

Student supporters of socially responsible investment: All we can say is, keep fighting the good fight. We’re behind you.

Eckhart Library: It has every math book in existence, which, depending on your perspective, either makes it the coolest library on campus or the one most in need of burning.

The Shady Dealer: Though we’re not sure the admiration is mutual, we have to take our hats off to an excellent, hilarious campus publication.

Fourth Meal: Skipping breakfast doesn’t seem as bad when you can just have it at midnight.

CTA Bus Tracker: For its noble goal of assisting each and every student too lazy to walk the three short blocks to class.

The Occupy movement: It’s been five decades since any major movement united this nation’s youth. Give it time to grow, to organize: With support, these things work 99% of the time.

Harold’s Chicken Shack: Half a chicken, soggy bread, enough fries to feed every squirrel on campus, and a shot of coleslaw. For four dollars. Your wallet’s still full, and your stomach will be for days.

Study abroad: For getting us the hell out of here.

Flannel and plaid: Dear fabric of choice on campus: We love your cozy warmth, your hipster and mainstream appeal, and the way you make everyone look vaguely alike.

The swing bench in Snitchcock courtyard: The third best place to sit in Hyde Park, period.

Gates-Blake Quad: When a breeze blows through, the leaves descend in swirls and your heart just goes all American Beauty on you.

CCI: Because we’d be lost little lambs (read: Unemployed) otherwise.

Omeletes in the dining hall: The only thing to get excited about in the dining hall.

The lightsabers on the Midway: Don’t mug us, bro.

Using Maroon Dollars in the student cafes: Great for supporting our growing coffee dependency.

The Point: Pulled an all-nighter? Might as well bike to the Point to watch the sunrise.

Five Guys: Because we all need to feel like we’re in American Graffiti sometimes. And the crazy futuristic drink machines.

The plumbing in Pierce: Who needs Yellowstone when Old Faithful is one stall over?

Free samples at Treasure Island: Good for weekday snacking, Saturday night dinner, dates…

Being done with the Core (Bio): See “Useless to the core.”

Harper 24-hour study space: We may be the only college without 24-hour restaurants, but we sure can do our all-nighters in style.

Law School reflecting pool: Best skinny dipping opportunity this side of the Mississippi.

The fifth floor of the Reg: The only thing that can make a bag of Sun Chips taste better is the risk of being silently beaten to death by a rabid mob of Ph.D. candidates.

Midnight Soccer: Because not only do we prefer playing sports to watching them, we also prefer playing sports while being unable to watch them.

The weather so far this year: On an unrelated note, we are terrified for the weather later this year.

Everyone and everything we forgot: We’re sorry. Happy Thanksgiving.

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