Top 5 Music Videos

By Donna Guo

1: “Last Friday Night” — Katy Perry

This fun and exciting music video captures the essence of, well, Friday nights. Starring the famous, or infamous, Rebecca Black, who helps transform Katy Perry from an awkward dork to gorgeous life-of-the-party girl, this video is delightfully hilarious and very entertaining. The song itself is also remarkably catchy, and viewers find themselves humming “Last Friday Night” along with Perry by the end of the video. No matter what day of the week it is, anyone who watches this video leaves wanting Friday to come as soon as possible.

2: “Born This Way” — Lady Gaga

Reminiscent of an old science fiction film, this quintessential Lady Gaga music video is bizarre, unsettling, entertaining, and thought provoking, all at the same time. The music video begins with short video segment, a surreal, science fiction narration before the song begins. Lady Gaga’s narration is a mix of enigmatic declarations that are unquestionably intriguing, but their profundity and meanings are debatable. The rest of the video features scenes of Lady Gaga dancing in lingerie and costumed in a Day of the Dead skeleton outfit. The music video captures Lady Gaga at her best—powerful, unnerving, sexy, and enthralling.

3: “Criminal” — Britney Spears

This music video reminds viewers why Britney Spears was once the queen of pop. From beginning to end, the music video feels a little like watching a short film, complete with Hollywood-style embellishments. For instance, at the end of the music video, Britney and her significant other passionately kiss in a storm of bullets, yet both escape unscathed. In the end, the music video and song live up to the reputations of Britney’s former hits.

4: “The One That Got Away” — Katy Perry

Starring an elderly Katy Perry, this nostalgic music video takes place many years in the future. The video switches between the present, with a rich but sorrowful old Katy filled with regrets, and the past, where a young, free-spirited Katy shares her life with the man she loves. For most of the video, viewers are kept in suspense, wondering what tragedy could have possibly torn apart this young couple that was once so clearly head over heels in love with each other. This sweet yet sad video touches the hearts of all viewers.

5: “Someone like You” — Adele

The somber colors of this music video reflect the melancholy themes of Adele’s song, and the beautifully dark and artistic video perfectly complements the deep husky tones of Adele’s voice. The poignant and nostalgic mood leaves readers almost in tears at the end of the video.