Maroons continue season against Elmhurst

By Sarah Miller

Women’s tennis will face Elmhurst College at noon on Sunday at Bally’s in Hyde Park.

In the past, the Maroons have enjoyed success against Elmhurst. Wheaton, a team that Chicago defeated 8–1 last season, shut out the Bluejays 9–0 in Elmhurst’s opening match. Neither Elmhurst nor Wheaton is ranked in the Top 30 in D-III.

Currently, the Maroons are 1–0. The Bluejays’ season began in September, and they currently sport a record of 1–7. Compared to the Maroons, Elmhurst is younger—there are currently six underclassmen, four of whom are freshman, and only two seniors. This year, the Maroons have seven upperclassmen, five of whom are fourth-years.

The difference in experience may boost Chicago’s chances of succeeding this season, but it also poses some challenges. For instance, fourth-year captain Carmen Vaca Guzman said that the upperclassmen on the team had other priorities on top of their already-busy schedules, including interviews for graduate school. Fourth-year Jen Kung missed the last match because of an interview, and will also miss this upcoming match.

However, the Maroons are still confident after their highly successful match against Kalamazoo.

“After beating Kalamazoo, the team feels quite confident about the match against Elmhurst. We are looking forward to improving our skills with every upcoming match,” first-year Megan Tang said. “Fans can expect to play hard and fight hard against Elmhurst. Regardless of the level of the other team, we will aim to implement strategies we have been using in practice.”