A tribute to John Paul Stevens

By Maroon Editorial Staff

The University of Chicago and the Chicago Maroon have a strong list of noticeable alumni, but perhaps none were as daring in their days as former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens. Below, Stevens is heralded as a godly gentlman and scholar. Behind the scenes, Stevens was Editor-in-Chief of the Maroon at the time.

Since then, Maroon editors have stayed away from trumpeting their own glory. It goes without saying that Adam Janofsky and Camille van Horne are the brightest students on campus.

Stevens also advertised “Beer Parties” at the Maroon, a tradition that has sadly faded in name, but not spirit.


Sept 23, 1940

To you, perhaps BMOC means nothing. Starting right now you ought to figure out that BMOC stands for Big Man on Campus. See how it all works out?

Matching the BMOCs are the BWOCs which, with practically no thought at all, works out to be Big Women on Campus. These boys and girls are the senior leaders in campus activities.

John Paul Stevens: gentleman, scholar and Psi U. Probably the biggest man on campus this year in view of his being (a) Head Marshal, above which there is no higher, (b) member of Owl and Serpent, senior men’s honorary society, (c) chairman of the Board of Control of the Daily Maroon, (d) prime practitioner of the “Shucks fellers” and unassuming school, (e) an out and under authority on the battle of Gettysburg, (f) very eligible.

Maroon Beer Party!

Fun For Alumni

Sept 19, 1941

Have you ever seen four people nested each on the other’s lap on one chair? Have you ever stood ankle deep in beer in almost total darkness playing gin rummy with a philosophy professor? No? Then you have never attended a Daily Maroon Brawl, and if you are a former Maroon man it is high time you did…

The beer and pop corn will be on the house, of course, the party will last as long as there is a man standing, and there will be a family entrance for the ladies.