Maroons to face Rochester squad

The Maroons will face Rochester in a doubleheader at home on Tuesday.

By Sarah Langs

The Maroons are hungry after their loss to Wheaton on Tuesday.

“We’ve been improving ourselves in practices by scrimmaging and working on the aspects of the game that we seem to be struggling in,” first-year infielder Kyle Engel said.

“All of this should help us focus on putting forth a strong effort in our next game.”

Optimism and perseverance are the key characteristics of this team. “I expect us to come out hungry and looking to rebound from the loss with two good games against Rochester,” second-year outfielder Ricky Troncelliti said.

Their task, at least for this week, is large. Rochester is 15–11.

They have played many more games than Chicago and have had that much more time to prepare.

With only their Florida games and last Tuesday’s game under their belts, the Maroons will be taking on a more battle-tested Rochester squad.

The Maroons recognize this disadvantage and have been working to overcome it.

“We’ve talked a lot, as a team, about our approaches at the plate and what we need to do to improve our hitting,” Engel said.

This year’s team has different strengths and weaknesses from last year’s.

Chicago’s team ERA in the 2010 season was 4.76, but this year, with an improved pitching staff, it has dropped to a mere 2.35.

While this is certainly a step in the right direction, it has been accompanied by a step backwards: Chicago’s team average this season is .322, compared to last year’s .352.

Thus the team has been playing a different style of game, one that emphasizes run prevention.

There have been fewer higher-scoring games than last year, but the Maroons have the potential to put together an impressive season if they manage to score a few runs, thanks to the strength of their pitching staff.

The Maroons will play two games against Rochester in a doubleheader at home on Tuesday.

Game one begins at noon.