A dozen more candidates to stand in College Council elections

By Frank Alarcon

SG’s decision to extend the petition deadline by eight days has proved a resounding success, as twelve more candidates have submitted valid petitions for College Council and two more have submitted petitions to run for graduate liaison to the Board of Trustees.

Compared to the disappointing number of candidates announced after the initial April 10 petition deadline, one more first-year, eight more second-years, and three more third-years are now running for College Council, while the previously vacant graduate liaison race will now feature Harris School student Kathryn Hagerman and law student Osama Hamdy.

Below is the final list of candidates for the Spring elections (the new candidates are in bold). Voting begins April 24 at 9am on sg.uchicago.edu, and concludes April 26 at 5pm.


Chicago Spirit

Ben C. Yu – President

Mohammed Abdallah – VP Student Affairs

Nicki Cherry – VP Administration

Moose Party

Zihan Xu – President

Spencer Bledsoe – VP Student Affairs

Daniel Kraft – VP Administration


Renard Miller – President

Yusef al-Jarani – VP Student Affairs

Douglas Everson – VP Administration

College Council:

Class of 2013

Chenab Navalkha

Sarah Iqbal

John Anton

Class of 2014

Steph Mui

Krishna Ravella

Ben Hammer

Rohan Manthani

Taylo Schwimmer

Mike Gilliam

Christian Nielsen

Kristina Brant

Mark Andrew Reid

Class of 2015

Yusuf Janahi

Esteban Valencia

Jawad Arshad

Vidal Anguiano

Adan Meza

Andrew Kim

Nadia Alhadi

Ezgi Cubukcu

Jaime Sanchez

Rohan Manthani

Raymond Dong

Community and Government Liaison:

Grace S. Park

Raymond Dong

Graduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees:

Kathryn Hagerman

Osama Hamdy

Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees:

Chet Lubarsky

Tomas Alvarenga

Rohan Manthani