SG releases candidate list, extends petition deadline

By Frank Alarcon

Amid a shortfall in College Council and Graduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees candidates, SG’s Election and Rules Committee (E&R) has extended the deadline by which prospective candidates must submit signatures to Wednesday, April 18 at 5pm. The deadline had previously been Tuesday, April 10. Candidates are required to collect a certain number of student signatures (the number varies by position) in order to qualify for the SG ballot.

As of Thursday night, there were no candidates running to represent the class of 2013 on College Council (CC), and only one candidate for the class of 2014. CC provides for four seats per undergraduate class, meaning CC risks starting off next year with as many as seven vacancies unless more second- and third-year candidates enter the race.

Though disappointed with the lack of candidates, Vice President for Administration Forrest Scofield pointed out that a relatively high number of current SG officers are running for higher positions. “Compared to previous years we have an unprecedented level of people sticking with SG,” Scofield said.

Below is the list of candidates for Slate, College Council, Community and Government Liaison, and Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees who submitted their petitions in advance of the initial April 10 deadline. More candidates may enter the race in the coming days due to the deadline extension.


Chicago Spirit

Ben C. Yu – President

Mohammed Abdallah – VP Student Affairs

Nicki Cherry – VP Administration

Moose Party

Zihan Xu – President

Spencer Bledsoe – VP Student Affairs

Daniel Kraft – VP Administration


Renard Miller – President

Yusef al-Jarani – VP Student Affairs

Douglas Everson – VP Administration

College Council:

Class of 2013

No candidates as of Thursday night

Class of 2014

Steph Mui

Class of 2015

Yusuf Janahi

Esteban Valencia

Jawad Arshad

Vidal Anguiano

Adan Meza

Andrew Kim

Nadia Alhadi

Ezgi Cubukcu

Jaime Sanchez

Rohan Manthani

Community and Government Liaison:

Grace S. Park

Raymond Dong

Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees:

Chet Lubarsky

Tomas Alvarenga

Rohan Manthani