It’s a wrap: Chipotle to open at Harper Court

Chipotle will bring burritos to 53rd Street by the end of 2013.

By James DelVesco

Chipotle will be joining Five Guys, Clarke’s, and other Harper Court developments on 53rd Street in a little over a year, even as a Qdoba moves into Hutch Commons.

The addition of Chipotle, which was announced Tuesday, is part of the University’s efforts to revitalize 53rd Street and bring new attractions to Hyde Park. Proposed Harper Court businesses include a movie theater, Whole Foods, a Hyatt Hotel, and an Akira clothing store, among other attractions.

Christopher Dillion, managing director at Vermillion Development, the contracted developer for Harper Court, said he expects Chipotle to open during the summer of 2013. Akira and the New 400 Movie Theater are slated to take their places in Hyde Park this fall, with Whole Foods coming by spring 2013 and Hyatt to arrive by 2014.

U of C Dining and Aramark were in talks earlier this year about how to bring Chipotle to Hutch Commons in response to student demands. That branch would have been Chipotle’s first on-campus location, although they already have many near college campuses, but Hutch did not have the right type of equipment. In its place, Qdoba Mexican Grill will take the current space of Southern Tsunami Sushi next fall.

Chris Arnold, a representative of Chipotle, could not confirm the opening date.

Though some students do not want to trek to 53rd when there are good options on campus, others are drawn by the variety of food. “Chipotle’s good. I’d definitely go there,” second-year Alex Kolchinski said. “Qdoba’s a good holdover.”