Ludacris, Neon Indian, Cults to headline Summer Breeze 2012

Diverse lineup showcases hip-hop big name and acclaimed indie bands.

By Linda Qiu

Ludacris, Neon Indian, and Cults will headline this year’s Summer Breeze on May 19 in Hutch Courtyard, the Major Activities Board (MAB) announced this morning.

In contrast to last year’s “dancey” lineup, MAB sought a hip-hop artist as the headliner this year with Ludacris as the first choice, according to fourth-year MAB president Sam Abbott.

“We were lucky we were able to pin him down early. That gave us time to focus on the other two slots,” he said. “We got to bide our time.”

After securing Ludacris, MAB was also able to procure Neon Indian, their electronica first choice, resulting in an “atypical” year for the board. Though MAB initially wanted a rock group for the third slot, Abbott is confident that indie pop band Cults will give a good show.