TEDxUChicago 2012

The U of C iteration of the famous TED Talks featured academics, technology gurus, entrepreneurs, researchers, and advocates.

By The Maroon Staff

Last Sunday’s second annual TEDxUChicago conference focused on “Revolutions” in an array of fields, from politics and science to technology and art.

For coverage of the event as a whole, see UChicago TED talks find ‘x’ ways to have a revolution.

For coverage of select talks, see below:

Clif Bar & Company founder and co-CEO Gary Erickson encouraged taking the rustic but scenic routes.

Harvard law professor and New York Times Magazine contributing editor Noah Feldman spoke on the stages of political revolutions.

Neuroscientist and McGill University psychology professor Karim Nader discussed advances that can erase strong emotions associated with traumatic events.