No more cMore, student web portals will be streamlined by 2013

The new myUChicago site is the culmination of two years of collaboration between the Registrar’s Office and IT Services.


By Alex Hays

The student portal myUChicago will permanently replace cMore by winter quarter this year, the Registrar’s Office announced in an e-mail last week.

Integrating cMore (launched in 2005) and myUChicago (launched in 2010) addresses a need for a more centralized platform that the Registrar’s Office and IT Services have been working on for two years, said University Registrar Scott Campbell and Manager of Site Development for Web Services J. Lynn Barnett in a joint e-mail statement.

MyUChicago’s streamlined interface will allow access to more student resources than on cMore, including the University’s library catalog, directory, news, and events pages. Moreover, users will get an additional perk of personalization, as myUChicago can be customized through user-defined tabs, content, and layout.

For seven years, cMore has been the go-to for accessing schedules, grades, and account information. However, the site has become “dated,” said Campbell and Barnett, especially considering that myUChicago also has allowed for access to account information since 2010.

“The site is intuitive, as it uses much of the same functionality that is found in most Web sites today,” they said about myUChicago.

In an attempt to make the transition process easier for students, IT Services created a help page on myUChicago, outlining where information on cMore has moved to on the new service.

Ultimately, the University believes the elimination of cMore and the transition to myUChicago will be a benefit for the University community.

“With the creation of myUChicago as a service to aggregate information and functionality into one central location for the campus community, it only made sense to move the cMore functionality into it to make it as useful as possible to students,” Campbell and Barnett said.

Students will already notice many features found on cMore now also available on myUChicago. The Registrar’s Office and IT Services hope students will be as familiar with myUChicago as they were with cMore given enough time to adjust to the changes.

CMore is slated to be functional through winter quarter add/drop period, but a date has not yet been set for when it will officially go offline.