UCID now required for Pierce

By Mara McCollom

University ID cards are now required for students to enter the exterior doors of Pierce Tower, Interim Director of Undergraduate Student Housing Ana Campos announced in an e-mail last week.

All students, regardless of their designated dining hall, can still enter Pierce with a University ID card to eat in the dining hall. However, only Pierce residents have access through the security doors into the residential tower.

Prior to the initiation of the new security policy, Pierce Tower was the only residence hall at the University to keep its exterior doors unlocked because many non-Pierce residents are assigned to eat at the Pierce Dining Hall or regularly attend Fourth Meal, which is hosted exclusively at the Pierce Dining Hall.

The Department of Safety and Security, Residential Services, UChicago Dining, and the Office of Undergraduate Student Dining implemented the change to ensure consistent security practices, Campos said.