E&R releases meeting minutes

By Madhu Srikantha

For the first time in recent memory, Student Government’s Elections and Rules Committee (E&R) has released its meeting minutes. This is part of an effort to increase transparency regarding complaint proceedings during the 2013 election cycle. On Monday, E&R published their complaints database, which they have been updating throughout the week.

The meeting minutes, from April 16, April 18, and April 23, reveal the conclusions of the appeals processes for both the Ignite and UChicaGOLD slates. Ignite’s minor vote penalty has been reversed, while UChicaGOLD’s major vote penalty was sustained.

Additionally, viewers now have access to details about the penalties. UChicaGOLD’s initial penalty was a vote deduction of 10 percent of the final tally, but that has since been reduced to seven percent, as of April 23. Prior to its reversal, Ignite was to be penalized one percent of its total vote count.

E&R meeting minutes can be found on sg.uchicago.edu/committees/elections-and-rules/.