SHE reminds Rosenbaum of promise

By Madhu Srikantha

Two members of Students for Health Equity (SHE) delivered 200 appointment cards from students and faculty asking to meet with Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs Kenneth Polonsky to Provost Thomas Rosenbaum’s office on Wednesday afternoon.

The students, second-year Joe Kaplan and third-year Patrick Dexter, delivered the cards to indicate that there is “still a lot of student interest in the meeting with hospital administrators [that] Provost Rosenbaum had committed to convene [in a statement last quarter],” Dexter said in an e-mail. The two were met by Rosenbaum’s secretary and were unable to deliver the appointment cards directly.

This reminder comes five days before the first open meeting of the Ad Hoc Committee on Dissent and Protest, the formation of which was one of Rosenbaum’s initial responses to the January 27 trauma center protest that resulted in the arrest of four people, including Ph.D. candidate Toussaint Losier. The meeting will focus on “general issues of protest on campus” according to the University News Office. The meeting, which is open to the public, is scheduled to take place Monday, May 13 at 5 p.m. in Swift Hall Common Room.

—Mahdu Srikantha