Scav fever spreads to Zimmer’s

Scav judges left items on Zimmer’s doorstep after the end of the hunt.

By Qianyi Xu

UCPD investigated some discarded items that were spotted in front of President Zimmer’s house by a security guard on Sunday evening. The items were later identified as leftover materials from Scav.

Consisting of a semi-anthropomorphic “hug machine” and what appeared to be a “giant hornet’s nest” according to The Daily Sophist, the items were left over from this year’s Scavenger Hunt and left on Zimmer’s doorstep by Scav judges on the way back to their headquarters.

“It’s tradition,” fourth-year Scav judge Nicholas Cassleman said. “We literally leave stuff on Zimmer’s doorstep every single year because we’re weird, and it’s Scav. His house is one block away from Ida Noyes on the way back to judge headquarters after cleaning up, so why not?”

“The judges have been leaving items on the president’s steps since before Zimmer. In fact, the previous president Don Michael Randel liked the gifts,” he added.

Although the items were part of a seemingly harmless joke, the UCPD removed them from the doorstep so that they would not obstruct entrance or exit from the front door, according to UCPD spokesperson Robert Mason.