Part of East 58th Street to temporarily close to pedestrians beginning in June

By Celia Bever

Representatives from the Office of Civic Engagement and other University officials presented information about the developments at the former Seminary Co-op building and on East 58th Street at a community meeting tonight.

Along with presenting construction plans for the building at 5757 South Woodlawn Avenue, Executive Director of Planning and Design for Facilities Services Alicia Murasaki announced that the strip of 58th Street between South University Avenue and  Woodlawn Avenue will be closed to all traffic when construction to convert it into a walkway begins in June. A pathway looping south around the Oriental Institute will reroute pedestrians and bikers during this time.

The 58th Street construction, which is scheduled for completion by June 2014, will replace the block with the same pavement that covers the main quad and add lighting, benches, bike parking, and more trees to the space. City Council voted to vacate 58th Street between University Avenue and Woodlawn last week. According to University officials present at the meeting, there were no objections to the proposal from the aldermen.