First-years paired with career advisers

By Celia Bever

For the first time, this year’s incoming students were assigned a career adviser to provide support and information about career preparation throughout the students’ tenure at the University. The new system complements the “UChicago Careers in …” program, offering students an additional point of contact in the office, independent of their career aspirations.

“83 percent of first-years used our services last year without having a program like this … we’re just hoping to make that a more streamlined and friendly process,” said Meredith Daw, Executive Director for Career Advancement. Though advisers have and will continue to reach out to students during the year, students are not required to meet with their adviser or participate in any Career Advancement events.

Upperclassmen will not be paired with advisers retroactively, but interested students can request one. “We are very happy to assign students to a dedicated advisor,” Daw said.