How Colbert gets his guests, part deux

As part of my

By Alec Brandon

As part of my running speculation on just how Stephen Colbert gets such high-profile guests on his show, Lee Terry–a congressman who appeared on the show’s weekly segment “Better Know a District”–argues in today’s LA Times that all Congressmen should get made fun of on the show:

I had a very different experience on “The Colbert Report” when I appeared as part of its “Better Know a District” series. Did Colbert make a fool of me? Absolutely. But, to tell you the truth, the “Better Know a District” segment was one of the best appearances I’ve made as a congressman.You may find this shocking, but not many people know much about Nebraska’s 2nd Congressional District (including some of our residents). Doing the show was a way to put a face, and a joke, to my name — and a way for my constituents to see me in something other than an opponent’s 30-second attack ad.More important, the rest of the country learned a little something about the Fighting 2nd….First as a city councilman and now as a congressman, I have been interviewed on numerous television shows, and yet I’ve never had as many people (i.e., potential voters) approach me on the street as I have since my appearance on “The Colbert Report.”

Terry makes a good point here. Too often politicians are just positive or negative sound-bytes in campaign advertisements. From this Terry proposes immediate Congressional action:

Thus, here is my modest bipartisan proposal: Resolved, that all members of Congress put aside their political differences and let Stephen Colbert make fun of both parties equally.

Now that is legislation I can wholeheartedly endorse.