Chicago Manual of Style: Happy Thanksgiving from us to you

“Who said fat pants had to be ugly?” Lovely garments to accommodate all your post-Thanksgiving hills of flesh.

By Zahra Jooma

The snow yesterday served as a very real reminder that winter is quickly approaching Chicago — however, students across campus seem to be warmed by the excitement of the approaching Thanksgiving break. While everyone can’t stop thinking about the turkey and the trimmings and the cranberry sauce, there is one more thing to think about — what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving dinner can often be a tricky thing (coming from the non-American girl here who has only attended one Thanksgiving); it’s about being festive, yet seasonal, and also, honestly, just being comfortable. When you’re having such a lavish meal, it’s important to wear clothes that allow for eating. Let’s get real: Thanksgiving only comes once a year, so we might as well wear something we can really enjoy eating in.

Dresses are a great Thanksgiving staple; A-line dresses are always flattering and can definitely be used to hide all the food that you choose to tuck into your stomach. A nice touch would be to wear a dress with a little bit of color: Check out Zara and Intermix ( for some great sale options (you can snag a lovely Mason by Michelle Mason dress for under $80). Another great idea is to pair flowing silk trousers with short, pointy court heels — closed-toed so that they’re seasonal, short enough to be elegant, and dressy enough that they make you look sophisticated. A little inside tip: try to buy trousers that have an elasticized waistband. A nice jewel-toned hue would look great with a neutral top and a blazer to complete the outfit. You’ll look put-together and comfortable, and when you’re celebrating a day of togetherness around a packed dining table, that’s honestly the most important part of the holiday. So as far as the weekend goes, I’d say bring out the age-appropriate dresses and a nice pair of bold-colored trousers – who said fat pants had to be ugly?