Open Produce robbed at gunpoint

By Joy Crane

Open Produce, a late-night grocery store in East Hyde Park, was robbed at gunpoint on Tuesday night. A Chicago Police Department investigation is underway.

Around $400 was stolen, according to Becci Behlen, the store’s manager. Behlen was assaulted by one of the four assailants as they were fleeing the scene.

“I confronted them for some reason. One of them hit me in the face. They told me to run, and I left,” she said.

Three men entered the premises around 10:30 p.m. and demanded an employee open the cash register and hand over the change box. The fourth assailant waited in a vehicle outside the store. One customer and a staff member were in the store at the time of the robbery, and Behlen was in the basement office.

Behlen stressed that she was grateful for the supportive community response.

“A bunch of folks came by the store, to make sure everything is OK, and to report whatever they had seen,” she said. “Largely, it’s just been a show of support here in East Hyde Park. They are really concerned about their neighborhood.”

—Joy Crane