Jamaican restaurant to open on 53rd Street

Ja’Grill is set to open in Harper Court in late Spring or early Summer.

By Carissa Eclarin

Jerk chicken is coming to Harper Court.

Ja’ Grill, an authentic Jamaican sit-down restaurant based in Chicago’s Lincoln Park, is opening its second location in Hyde Park’s Harper Court later this year.

Owner Tony Coates’s vision for opening Ja’ Grill in Hyde Park includes “us bringing authentic cuisine right in the neighborhood.”

Coates was sought out by the University in its efforts to develop the Harper Court complex. He said the Hyde Park version of his restaurant will closely resemble his original Lincoln Park location.

“We’re going have the same menu and new additions of different food. Our chef is very talented. It’s pretty much the same thing. We’ll play reggae music and have authentic cuisine,” he said.

Ja’ Grill is expected to open in Hyde Park in late spring or early summer.

Coates hopes for broad neighborhood appeal for his restaurant, describing his vision as “hopefully a lot of happy patrons and a warm welcome from all of the people who live in Hyde Park—whether they live in Hyde Park or students from the University.”