Administration issues response to Virginia Tech shootings

By Sara Jerome

After a student shooting at Virginia Tech left 33 dead and more injured yesterday, U of C administrators said students would not see major changes in campus security measures, but that counseling services would be extended to students affected by the incident.

Martina Munsters, deputy dean of students, said there are no concrete security measures that the administration intends to implement, but even if they do increase security, “that does not necessarily mean that you might observe it.”

She reemphasized the “working relationship with city police” that would serve the University in the case of such a disaster. The shootings prompted some dorm staff to remind students that there are avenues of help they can pursue if they ever experience difficulty. Alper House resident heads Joe and Renee Edwards sent an e-mail to residents reminding them that their “doors are open 24/7 for anyone that needs to talk about anything in an open and non-judgmental space.” They also highlighted the free counseling services offered by the University.

Munsters added that students directly affected by the shootings “should make contact with the dean of their particular area,” such as the College or graduate schools, to get immediate assistance.

Administrators recommended that affected students contact the University’s Student Counseling and Resource Center at (773) 702-9800.