Two new study abroad programs announced: Hong Kong, Morocco

By Cairo Lewis

Hong Kong and Rabat, Morocco will play host to two new study abroad programs, according to an e-mail sent to the College by Associate Dean of Students in the College Lewis Fortner.

The Middle Eastern civilizations study abroad program in Morocco is scheduled for Winter 2015, and the Colonizations program in Hong Kong will take place the following quarter. Both programs fulfill the Civ Core requirement.

The new program in Morocco will replace the former Middle Eastern civilizations program in Cairo, Egypt in light of ongoing violence in the city. In addition to the three-course Middle Eastern civilizations sequence, Moroccan Arabic and two levels of standard Arabic will be offered to students while they are in Morocco. Currently, there are a limited number of spaces still available to students who have not committed to other civilizations study abroad programs, and it will include living arrangements.

The College’s spring-quarter colonizations program in Hong Kong meets the general education requirement in civilization studies. In addition to this course, students will also take a Mandarin Chinese language course.