University doubling Metcalfs

Goal is to allow entire class of 2018 to participate in system.

By Marta Bakula

The College recently announced a new goal to double the number of undergraduate student employment opportunities provided by the Jeff Metcalf Internship Program. In the upcoming three years, the program plans to expand from 1,000 to 2,000 internship opportunities offered to students per year.

With this expansion, the College is trying to provide enough summer internship positions to allow all students in the Class of 2018 to be able to participate in the Metcalf program.

“Metcalf internships will not be guaranteed for all students in the class of 2018, but our goal is to increase the number of internship opportunities to the point where every member of the class has had at least one paid, substantive opportunity before they graduate,” Meredith Daw, assistant vice president and executive director of Career Advancement, wrote in an e-mail.

The Jeff Metcalf Internship Program was founded in 1997 with eight internships. Over the following 17 years, it has continued to grow and offer paid positions to students in over 500 companies and organizations throughout the world. The program hit a milestone this past year, accommodating over 1,000 students with internship positions offered in over 180 companies.

The program was recently expanded after the University announced its No Barriers program, which provides aid and programming for low- and middle-income students. In addition, the Odyssey Scholarship Program will provide paid summer internships to Odyssey Scholars after their first year in the College, beginning with students entering in the fall of 2015. In the College, there are currently more than 1,100 Odyssey Scholars, students from low-to-middle income families who receive additional grants to replace student loans in their financial aid, along with additional career guidance.