Panel puts spotlight on city lighting

By Darren Wan

The iconic beacons of light have become a mainstay of the Midway Plaisance, illuminating busy sidewalks on dark, wintry nights. Such lighting projects have significant impacts on the urban experience, especially since artificial light compromises the human perception of light in the night sky. A panel discussion this week seeks to explore the tension between artificial and natural light, a concept that underpins and informs urban design. Apart from discussing the Midway Crossings project, the panel will discuss the role that light plays on the campus of the University of Chicago, by considering how light affects human behavior and how humans experience urban environments. Panelists will come from different backgrounds and specializations, including professors of art history, physics, and neurobiology, and architects, designers, and photographers.

Thursday, January 29, Logan Center for the Arts, Performance Lab 501, 7–8.30 p.m.,