UChicago Dining plans changes

The Smart Museum Café will begin taking Maroon dollars.

By Maggie Loughran

UChicago Dining has several changes on its plate, ranging from changes in specific café hours next year to the opening of Campus North Dining Commons the following year.

According to Richard Mason, executive director of UChicago Dining, the Campus North Dining Commons will have many of the same features as the current dining halls.

Mason wrote in an e-mail that “Campus North will enhance our existing options and provide a central dining location for students on the north side of campus.” It will feature kosher, halal, and gluten-free stations.

Campus Dining will introduce several smaller changes within 2015. The Smart Museum Café, which was previously unaffiliated with Campus Dining, will begin accepting Maroon Dollars. An Aramark-operated café will open on the ground floor of the new William Eckhardt Research Center at Eat 57th Street and South Ellis Avenue in the fall.

UChicago Dining has already introduced one change. Recently, the Harris Café began offering small plates on weekday evenings. The meals are sold after normal hours of operation, from 4 to 7 p.m.

According to second-year Owen Charles, Inter-House Council Campus Dining Advisory Board chair, another potential development is a crossover between dining on main campus and dining at the  UCMC. The UCMC recently renewed its contract with Aramark, suggesting that the medical campus may accept Maroon Dollars in the future.

—Maggie Loughran