New exhibit highlights University’s achievements in science and medicine

An art exhibit displaying achievements in scientific research opened as part of the 125th anniversary celebrations at the Pritzker School of Medicine.

By Margaret Glazier

On Thursday, November 12, an art exhibit exploring the University’s various accomplishments in scientific research opened several new installations across campus. The installations, sponsored by the Division of the Biological Sciences and Pritzker School of Medicine, are part of the University’s 125th anniversary celebration.

The goal of the exhibit, titled Over a Century at the Forefront of Science and Medicine, is to reach out not only to undergraduate students, but also to members of the University of Chicago medical community, said Monica Hork, coordinator of Healing Arts Programs and project collaborator.

The exhibits are all series of photographs, with every location focusing on different achievements in research. These photographs have been gathered from the school’s archives and include achievements from the University’s 125 years of research. The variety of installations has allowed visitors throughout the University to enjoy parts of the whole exhibit across different locations.

The Biological Sciences Division opened different installations at the Logan Café, the bridge between Duchossois Center Advanced Medicine and the Center for Care and Discovery, the Center for Care and Discovery East Lobby, and the Mitchell Hospital Lobby.

This exhibit’s installations offer a visual art display drawing attention to UChicago’s milestones in medical and scientific research. This research work led to the advancement of several fields, including the treatment of diabetes, cancer and heart disease, blood banking, transplantation, and public health.

Hork said that the exhibits have been received well by patients, students, and staff. “Our patients and visitors are talking about confidence they have in the care they’re receiving, along with the confidence in the significant research that has informed their care.”

The Pritzker School of Medicine wanted to use these exhibits to highlight the most transformative breakthroughs in science and medicine, according to Hork. With these photographs, the Pritzker staff hoped to provide insight into this research work and allow people to see how it relates to their lives. The creative team also highlights the notable gender inclusion and diversity UChicago has integrated throughout its research.

“As you take in the display, we encourage you to reflect on our history and to look with us towards the future as we imagine the potential impact of another century of inquiry,” Hork said.