Housing Staff Recognition Program gaining traction

“Staff members appreciate hearing positive feedback from students, faculty, and staff.”

By Emily Kramer

The College Housing and Residential Services department’s Staff Recognition Program, which serves to provide the UChicago staff with support and recognition of its work, continues to grow as an increasing number of students and faculty become aware of its existence.

The department launched the program in the Winter Quarter of 2015.

An online survey allows all students, parents of students, staff, and faculty affiliated with the University to nominate a member of the staff to be recognized each month. This staff member must work in dining, facilities, or housing. After nominations are made, the results are compiled, and a winner is randomly selected from all of the nominations.

The winner and the other nominees are announced on residence hall media boards on the first day of the subsequent month. In addition to a congratulatory email, the Staff Member of the Month receives 25 Maroon Dollars and is featured on the media boards for the remainder of the month.

“Nominations vary each month,” said Jennifer Luttig-Komrosky, the executive director of College Housing and Residential Services. “One month received 50 nominations.”

In January of 2015, Bernadine Warren, a cashier at Cathey Dining Hall, was selected as the first winner of the Staff Recognition Program. The following month, Lisa Hassell, a desk clerk, was chosen. In March, James DelVesco, an assistant resident head, was selected, followed by Jim Wessel, the assistant director for the College Housing & Residential Services, and finally Mikaela Betts, an assistant resident head.

“The program has been very well received,” said Luttig-Komrosky. “Staff members appreciate hearing positive feedback from students, faculty, and staff.”

The Staff Member of the Month for November will be announced on December 1. Nominations can be made online at http://housing.uchicago.edu/.