Law, Letters, and Society Major Under Review

The major won’t accept any new applications from the class of 2019 while under review.

By Anjali Dhillon

The Law, Letters, and Society (LLSO) major is under review for the 2016–17 academic year, Program Chairman Dennis Hutchinson announced in an e-mail to LLSO majors on Tuesday.

No applications from the class of 2019 will be accepted this year while the program is under review. Current LLSO majors in the classes of 2016, 2017, and 2018 will continue with the current structure of the major. No program requirements for those students will be affected during the review.

A committee of faculty members will review the LLSO program, specifically looking at its structure, continuity, and staffing.

“We will update the website with any changes and developments as the review is completed,” Hutchinson said in his statement.

Established at the College in 1992, LLSO is a program of study that focuses on understanding civilian and traditional law in the context of both historic and contemporary legal systems. Hutchinson has run the LLSO program and Politics, Economics, Rhetoric, and Law, LLSO’s predecessor program, since 1987.

According to its website, the program aims to “develop the student’s analytical skills to enable informed and critical examination of law broadly construed.”