Personnel Changes on College Council

Proxy choice, resignation announced as quarter ends.

By Wendy Lee

On March 1, Student Government (SG) announced two new changes in its membership. Class of 2017 representative Leeho Lim will be stepping down from his position, and first-year George Kitsios will be replacing Class of 2019 representative Paulina Torres.

Lim stepped down after he exceeded his three-absence limit. According to SG bylaws, College Council (CC) members are mandated to step down following three total absences from CC meetings. Lim declined to comment for this article.

Second-year Eric Holmberg, chair of College Council, said that Lim’s vacancy has been offered to Blaine Crawford, who was the fifth-place candidate in the spring elections.

“Leeho chose to step down from College Council after reflecting and recognizing that he has not been able to commit as much time to Student Government as he would have liked…. Blaine has yet to accept or turn down the seat.”

Kitsios took over Torres’s position after she announced her resignation on February 16. The SG bylaws dictate that the vacant spot be offered to the student who was the next highest vote earner during last October’s elections. Torres said she resigned because she wanted to focus on other RSOs.

“George has expressed interest in Student Government all year, from running for CC in the fall to being on the Uncommon Fund, so I’m excited for him to bring his enthusiasm and experience to College Council,” Holmberg said.

SG also announced that third-year Stephanie Greene, president of the Organization of Black Students (OBS), will be the Class of 2017 proxy for third-year Louisa Richardson-Deppe, who will be studying abroad in Barcelona in spring quarter. Richardson-Deppe hopes to return to College Council in the fall, and will be campaigning for her seat while abroad.

College Council is the primary governing body for the undergraduate segment of Student Government. It is composed of 16 representatives: four from each class in the College, in addition to a Chair. CC meets every Tuesday throughout the entire school year. It plans projects, approves budget requests, oversees appeals, and plans events for the College.