Isaacs to Leave Provost Post for Position Overseeing Labs and Campus Research

Isaacs will oversee work with national labs in his new position.

By Kaitlyn Akin

This summer, Provost Eric Isaacs will be vacating his position as provost in order to take a newly-created job overseeing the University’s scientific involvements. This new position in the Office of the President, called the executive vice president of research, innovation, and national labs, will be replacing the current position of vice president of research and national laboratories.

More information about the selection of candidates to replace Isaacs as provost will be released in the coming days, according to the University News Office.

“I am grateful that he is taking on this new challenge, which is an essential one for the University,” Zimmer said in an e-mail to all staff and students of the University. “His particular set of experiences make him singularly well positioned to lead this rapidly evolving set of activities.”

The executive vice president of research, innovation, and national laboratories will be responsible for overseeing all of the University’s scientific initiatives, including the partnerships with Argonne National Laboratory, the Marine Biological Laboratory, Fermilab, and the Giant Magellan Telescope project. This new position will manage a wider range of the University’s scientific endeavors than the previous vice president for research and for national laboratories position, which focused mainly on partnerships with outside organizations.

This shift comes in response to the recent decision of current Vice President for Research and for National Laboratories Don Levy to step down at the end of this academic year. This is Levy’s tenth year in the position, and Zimmer plans to hold a celebration during spring quarter to recognize his contributions to the University.