Ex Libris Changes Meant to Provide More Seating, Outlets

By Olivia Rosenzweig

The Ex Libris Café in the Regenstein Library was renovated over spring break, with new table and seating arrangements added to the space.

Brian Barker, the general manager of the café, confirmed the changes, which include high-top tables with additional outlets, in an e-mail to The Maroon. Barker explained that this redesign was, for the most part, prompted by customer feedback. “People wanted more power outlets in Ex Libris, and often had difficulty finding a place to sit during peak hours,” Barker said. 

These changes are meant to cater to students’ different seating preferences and create more room in the café. “This design increases usable seating space while adding 132 new places to plug in. The new tables can be used seated or as standing desks, providing more seating options for individuals and groups,” Barker said.

While the bulk of changes are finished, Barker and his team are still waiting to receive high-top stools to fit with the new tables.

This construction will not impact Ex Libris’s regular hours of operation.