Law School Hiring New Professors to Launch Experiential Learning Program

The American Bar Association now requires law students to take hands-on learning classes.

By Alexandra Blankenhorn

The Law School is looking to hire professors to comply with a new American Bar Association standard requiring every law student to take additional experiential learning courses. Beginning with the 2016 first-year law “1L class,” students will be required to fill eight experiential learning credits, such as clinics and simulation courses.

Clinics and simulation courses have been offered but not required at the Law School, so now to meet the new demand, the programing in that area is expanding. One way they might do this, according to Tom Ginsberg, Deputy Dean and Professor at the Law School, is with the introduction of a new program called Professors from Practice.

Through Professors from Practice, the Law School hopes to hire several legal practitioners to teach a full course load in the Law School next year.

The application listing reads: “Professors from Practice teach doctrinal courses focused on substantive law, policy, and legal theory, as well as experiential courses, with an approach that is informed by the individual’s long career and experience in the field.”

Applications to the program will be accepted until May 4, 2016, and the program is set to begin in the fall of 2016.