Shuttles Will Run to O’Hare this Quarter

U-Pass introduction brings the future of the program into question.

By Emily Feigenbaum

On March 15, Student Government (SG) announced that it was discontinuing the end-of-quarter airport shuttle program. On April 18, SG’s Executive Slate announced that the program will be reinstated for students travelling to O’Hare Airport.

The shuttle service was cancelled during finals week and without advance notice. A College Council (CC) resolution passed on March 29 objected to the lack of notice and consultation prior to the decision and called for its reinstatement.

“[T]he Student Government Slate abruptly cancelled this service without input from the Executive Committee or Assembly and announced the cancellation on Tuesday, March 15, only three days before the end of winter quarter 2016 and two days before shuttle service usually begins,” the resolution read.

In the resolution, CC called upon Slate to reinstate the shuttle program for Spring Quarter. Citing the popularity of the shuttle program and students’ reliance on the service, the resolution stated that providing this service is a “reasonable task” for Slate, as it has sufficient funding.

“After discussion with the College Council and members of the student body, Executive Slate plans to reinstate the end-of-quarter airport shuttle program to O’Hare Airport for Spring 2016,” the statement began. 

“While still noting the cost of the program, we recognize the important role it plays in reducing transportation costs for students, particularly those traveling to O’Hare Airport.”

The statement also touched upon the role of U-Pass in the future of the shuttle service program.

“The future of the program, given the College’s future participation in the U-Pass program, will be subject to the approval of the College and Graduate Councils as a part of SG’s budgeting process for the 2016-2017 academic year,” it read.