University Implements Changes to Online Course Registration

Listing alternate sections is no longer an option, but students can rank up to ten courses for request.

By Anne Nazzaro

As part of the University’s move to the new Academic Information System (AIS), the system to pre-register for classes has changed, moving to a different portal with new search options and rules for the number of classes that students can request.

“Many improvements were made, including the ability to select and rank up to 10 classes and search for courses that fulfill College core requirements using the Attribute filter,” University Registrar Scott Campbell said.

Previously, students signed up for classes for the next quarter through Now, students can sign up through a portal on the new myUChicago. Students used to be able to rank up to six courses through course request, and were able to list alternate sections for each of those courses where available. In the new version, it’s no longer an option to list alternate sections, but as Campbell noted, students can rank up to ten courses for request.

When schedules are released during tenth week, they’ll be available through the my.UChicago portal as well. “Each course will display an explanation of the action taken, including why a course was not enrolled,” Campbell said.

The update was announced to students through an email from the Office of the University Registrar.

Pre-registration still runs from 9 a.m. on Monday to 5 p.m. on Friday during eighth week. Students will also still be auto-enrolled in classes that are part of a sequence.