An Irreverent Welcome Letter

A letter to our dear readers.

By Evangeline Reid and MJ Chen


Dear [Student],


Congratulations! It is our great pleasure to inform you that you have arrived at the University of Chicago. With its storied history, vibrant RSOs, and happenin’ arts scene, campus has distinguished itself as one of the cultural epicenters of the Midwest. We’d say “the whole city is your campus,” but truthfully, stuff’s far AF (U-PASS! Hooray!) and Charles Lipson taught us not to plagiarize from NYU. 

We invite you to explore all that these arts pages have to offer. Join us for Kenny’s upcoming coverage of the Chicago International Film Festival; MJ’s bombastic recaps of the Lyric Opera; May’s well-honed eye for campus art—we’re not the final arbiters of good taste, but we’re not not the final arbiters of good taste, either.   

For more than a few years, the College’s Arts Pass has allowed students like you to explore over 70 of Chicago’s museums, galleries, and theaters for free or at reduced rates. We can picture you at the Museum of Science and Industry, browsing the permanent collections without paying cash or card. As a holder of UCID, you’ll access Arts Pass Exclusives (transport included) to see Hamilton, spend a night at the Art Institute, or sit rapt at Longer! Louder! Wagner!, an upcoming Second City and Lyric Opera collab. Follow this link for more details about Arts Pass: 

Truly, honesty, Chicago is an amazing city for art, however defined—we hope you make the most of it these years you’re here. Consider our content a seed for you, budding aesthete.   



MJ “Stiletto” Chen and Eva “Womansueto” Reid