Arts This Week

Arts, briefly.


By Evangeline Reid


11 a.m. Watch Wolf Vostell’s sculpture Concrete Traffic return to campus via a symbolic procession from the comfortable seats of Logan Café. Free.



8 p.m. Catch student plays that came together in a mere 24 hours at the quarterly Theater[24]. Third Floor Theater, Reynolds. $4.  



7 p.m. Enjoy the uncensored version of Varieté, a 1925 German film, scored live by Alloy Orchestra, known for its found percussion.  

Performance Hall, Logan. Free with UCID. 



All day. Visit the Robie House, free to UChicago students the first Monday of each month.


7 p.m. Mingle and enjoy light refreshments under the doobie-doo of Chicago jazz musicians at First Jazz Monday.

Arts Incubator. Free.