BSD, Stuart Cafés Close

Similar re-evaluation process ended with the closure of Classics Café.

By Karina Hooda

Both the Biological Sciences Division and Stuart Cafés have closed after being reviewed by UChicago Dining.

Both cafés required significant subsidies to operate, and were underutilized, each averaging 100 transaction a day in comparison to other cafés around campus which averaged 150–250 transactions a day, Marielle Sainvilus, director of public affairs said.

The decision to close the cafés was part of a larger reviewing process by UChicago Dining, which undertook a review process of all the campus dining options part of a Request for Proposal (RFP), a process which also resulted in Bon Appétit’s acquisition of the role of food service provider, Sainvilus said.

The staff, previously Aramark employees, were given the option to work for Bon Appétit in other UChicago Dining locations.

Classics Café was closed last month following a similar evaluation process.