Student Government Launches Student Employment Informational Website

The new Committee on Student Employment created the website to provide students with a clear source of information on grad student unionization and commonly-asked employment questions.

By Jamie Ehrlich

The Student Government Committee on Student Employment (CSE) launched its inaugural website on Wednesday. 

The website includes information on graduate student unionization, a student employment knowledge base for student-to-student support on employment matters, and access to a diagnostic survey.  

The Committee on Student Employment was created by this year’s Executive Slate in response to the lack of accessible information on employment. 

“The website and the CSE at large are necessary because student concerns include more than academics and dining options,” Elijah Wolter, College Council class of 2018 representative and member of the committee, said. “The economic dimension of being a student here is something that doesn’t get discussed or addressed enough and I think that CSE will provide more opportunities for discussion and progress in that arena.” 

The information on graduate student unionization serves as a “neutral and nuanced” resource for students who are searching for information on current unionization efforts, according to committee chair and doctoral student Claudio Sansone. This aspect of the website was created as a direct response to the University’s web page on graduate student unionization, which Sansone said was biased.  

The committee will also be conducting preliminary reports on several issues and posting these reports their website. Their first report will answer the question, “Are large corporations finding a way to get cheap labor through work study and financial aid schemes?” The next report will be focus on the delays in financial aid, payroll, and stipends, according to Sansone.  

In response to the delays in financial aid, payroll, and stipends, Sansone added, “If there was a massive system failure, why did all the professors and admin get paid on time?”  

According to Wolter, the site will be a resource for students to get clear information on how to navigate being a student worker and where to seek and secure employment. The site will also allow students to bring their work-related concerns to an unbiased source.