Dining Considers Replacing Einstein Bros Bagels; Dollar Milkshakes to Stay

UChicago Dining is considering new options to occupy the space in Reynold’s Club.

By Yao Xen Tan

After a review found that Einstein Bros. Bagels was “underutilized,” UChicago Dining is considering different options for the location. Dining hopes to announce the decision late winter quarter.  

“Please note that $1 shakes will continue to be offered on Wednesdays on campus,” Executive Director of UChicago Dining Richard Mason said in a statement through a University spokesperson.  

According to the 2014 Chicago Maroon Orientation Issue, “Legend has it that Einstein Bros. Bagels could move into the Reynolds Club only on the condition that they sold $1 milkshakes each week, a tradition established in the prior coffee shop.” 

The evaluation of Einstein Bros. comes after a Request for Proposal (RFP) by UChicago Dining that was completed when Bon Appetit was selected to replace Aramark as the University's food source provider. The RFP thoroughly reviewed all campus dining options, including looking at the average transactions per day of every on-campus cafe relative to each other.  

“UChicago Dining is working with Bon Appétit to evaluate different options that offer exciting lunch and dinner menus that meet the needs of the campus community in the future,” Mason said in the statement. 

The possible closure and replacement of Einstein Bros. come just weeks after the closure of the ClassicsStuart, and BSD cafés.