3 Journalists Will Be Winter Quarter IOP Fellows

Costa, Bai, and Calmes will consider the media, economic policy, and the GOP after November 8.

Three journalists with backgrounds in politics, policy, and the media will turn their attention to the Trump era as the Institute of Politics’ Winter Quarter fellows, the IOP will formally announce tomorrow.  

The fellows include Robert Costa, a reporter for the Washington Post; Matt Bai, a columnist with Yahoo News; and Jackie Valmes, who reported for The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. 

A little more than a year ago, Bai wrote that a dysfunctional relationship with the media was responsible for much of Trump’s success: “It’s time for the rest of my industry to take a long look in the mirror and consider what we’ve wrought.” Bai will teach a seminar on the role of the media in Trump’s election and host a panel of media executives during his time on campus from January 25 to January 27. 

Bai wrote for The New York Times Magazine before enlisting at Yahoo News, and has written books about the Bush-era Democratic Party and the press’s descent into tabloid journalism following the scandal over 1988 Democratic presidential contender Gary Hart’s extramarital affair. He also had a cameo appearance as himself in an episode of House of Cards. 

Calmes’s two weeks on campus, starting January 30, will focus on economic policy during the Trump presidency. In 2015, Calmes wrote an extensive report documenting concerns about the radicalizing effect of conservative media on Republican politicians. Her recent reporting for The New York Times has tracked the transition to the next administration. 

Robert Costa came to the Washington Post from the National Review on the strength of his coverage of the 2014 government shutdown, making him a rare example of a journalist moving from a conservative outlet to a mainstream one. He will teach seminars and lead a public panel on the post-Trump GOP from February 14 to 16.