The Newsletter: February 7, 2017

Weed hat girl; U of C law profs blast Trump’s “so-called judge” tweet; Ed-board: IOP should not go off-the-record with Corey Lewandowski”

By Pete Grieve, Editor-in-Chief ('18–'19)

Weed hat girl; U of C law profs blast Trump's "so-called judge" tweet; Ed-board: IOP should not go off-the-record with Corey Lewandowski"

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Welcome to sixth week.

There’s new leadership at The Maroon. This weekend, we elected the newsletter’s own Adam Thorp to serve as The Maroon’s next Editor-in-Chief. We’re excited for him, even if it means he won’t be in your inbox on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Arts Editor Hannah Edgar was elected Deputy Editor-in-Chief. Stephanie Liu and Euirim Choi will be the new Managing Editors. Andrew Mamo will run our Business Team as CFO. (Photo)

“Becoming Steve Bannon’s Bannon… How Julia Hahn got from the University of Chicago to Breitbart to the White House,” by Andrew Marantz, The New Yorker: “Julia Hahn, the twenty-five-year-old Breitbart News reporter who has just been named a special assistant to the President…is a protégée of Stephen Bannon, the White House chief strategist and former Breitbart chairman…

After college, Hahn moved to Washington, D.C., hoping, she told friends, to ‘get a job in media.’ She didn’t seem to care what kind. At around this time, a Chicago classmate who worked at a think tank saw Hahn at a party; Hahn said that she was a producer for Laura Ingraham, a fixture of far-right talk radio. ‘I asked, ‘Oh, is that what your politics are?’’ the classmate recalled. ‘She went, ‘Nah, I’m apolitical.’ I thought, O.K., there are two possibilities. Either she’s dissembling because she doesn’t feel comfortable being outed as a hyperconservative or she actually is just a pure social climber.’…

‘Seeing her writing for Breitbart—and writing some of the most aggressive, white-nationalist stuff on the site—was quite a shock,’ Eliza Brown, one of Hahn’s Chicago classmates, said. ‘My friends and I talked about it a lot, along the lines of ‘Was this festering in her all along?’ ‘Can you ever truly know anyone?’’ She continued, ‘Not to wax too poetic about academia, but part of the idea of learning the canon is that it will, ultimately, make you a better person.’” ( (Our coverage of Hahn's hiring)

In Viewpoints

  • The Maroon Editorial Board argues that the upcoming IOP event with Corey Lewandowski should not be off the record: “The Institute of Politics can host whomever it wants, under whatever conditions it chooses to set. It’s their living room (or auditorium, or whatever). But by allowing a set of speakers to retreat from public scrutiny, the IOP risks becoming a chummy club-room for future politicians, rather than the admirable, invigorating forum Axelrod defended in the letter quoted above.” (
  • More than 500 students, faculty, and alums have signed a petition calling on the University to take more concrete steps to support people in the university community affected by Trump’s executive order. (

Meet Emily, Weed Hat Girl: Fourth-year Emily Truong has become somewhat of a celebrity on campus. Why? Because she wears a weed hat pretty much everywhere she goes.

  • On how often she wears the hat: “I wear it pretty much every day, except like at work and stuff, because I don’t want to project that I’m a stoner in front of my boss.”
  • On when she realized she was famous: “I think like during sophomore or freshman year, when Yik Yak was still popular, one of my friends showed me some Yik Yaks of people saying, like, “Weed hat girl? More like ‘I wanna wed that girl.’” That was my favorite Yik Yak, probably. And there were just a lot of Yik Yaks like, “Spotted: weed hat girl” or “Where is weed hat girl?” or “weed hat girl is my roommate,” which—that I thought was weird, because I’ve never had a roommate.”
  • On wearing the weed hat to class: “Usually, for my hat rule for class, the first week I don’t wear it because I don’t want to establish that I’m the weed hat girl on the first day of class, but then once they start to know me a little bit, then I start wearing it second week.” (

One thing that isn’t happening on our campus: Women rushing frats.

The Yale Daily News reports that dozens of women attended Sig Ep rush events last month. “[Sig Ep] voted over winter break to open its rush process to female students, but will not offer them bids because of the organization’s national regulations.” Most of the women are affiliated with a registered student organization that “hopes to start dialogue about implicit inequalities in Yale’s social life.”

Related: The Daily Northwestern reports that a student who identifies as a transgender man participated in Panhellenic recruitment last month but did not get a bid from a sorority. “‘They say every woman gets a bid,’ [Adam] Davies said. ‘But I’m not a woman.’”

In Arts

From Arts Editor Grace Hauck:

  • Last week, University Theater (UT) hosted its Weekend of Workshops to highlight three short student pieces, complete with a charming iambic pentameter version of the FXK’s fire safety speech, a dash of Chekhov, and, naturally, Super Smash Bros. (
  • Stephen Burns, Fulcrum Point New Music Project Founder and Artistic Director, talks about making classical music accessible, three generations of black composers, and Friday’s concert at the Promontory, “The Black Composer Speaks: Exhortation!” (

Law profs speak out against Trump’s “so-called judge” tweet in opinion sections:

  • Gorsuch Must Condemn Trump’s Attack on a Judge, Eric Posner, The New York Times. (
  • The deadly serious accusation of being a ‘so-called judge,’” Will Baude, The Washington Post. (

Law Prof Aziz Huq has filed an amicus brief against the executive order travel ban on behalf of Muslim groups. ( He’s spoken several times on the issue on campus. (

On Twitter

Another distinguished law prof on “so-called”… @stone_geoffrey (11:44 AM – 4 Feb 2017) “‘President’ who lost election by 3,000,000 votes calls judge who enforces the law "so-called judge"? Really???” More Geoff Stone: The Brown Daily Herald covered a talk he gave there last week. It got heated. (

@ing us… @randypicker (2:17pm · 3 Feb 2017) “Headline from today's @ChicagoMaroon ‘Professor to Teach Class on Truth in Response to Trump.’ And what was he teaching before exactly?” Cryptography. (

An account is tracking the price of avocados at Hyde Park grocery stores? @hpavacado (2:06 PM – 1 Feb 2017) “We only report the price of avocados do with this tweet what you will”

Chicago Letters

  • Coming up in The Gate: Interviews with candidates for DNC chair. ( Here’s their talk with candidate Jaime Harrison (chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party): (
  • The South Side Weekly has a column by a Chicago Public Schools student who opposes Betsy DeVos. “ (

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