UChicago Matchmaking Site To Launch This Month

Maroon.Space was created as a spiritual successor to another dating website for Chicago students.

By Hillel Steinmetz

A new matchmaking website specifically for UChicago students and alumni, will launch later this month. 

Maroon.Space was announced on its Facebook page last Tuesday. Two other Facebook pages, UChicago Secrets and UChicago Crushes, advertised the upcoming website on their own Facebook pages. These pages post viewpoints, revealing life facts or stories, or crushes on other students that are submitted anonymously.  

At the time of writing this article, Maroon.Space’s Facebook page has garnered 73 likes. 

The Maroon got in contact with Maroon.Space, whose creators wished to remain anonymous, over Facebook. Maroon.Space was created by current College students and alumni. 

“We are a small group that consists of both current students in the College, as well as alumni with a penchant for coding and love,” read a statement submitted to The Maroon.

Maroon.Space was created in order to be a spiritual successor to another dating website for Chicago students, 2studentbodies, before it was shut down a few months ago. According to the statement sent to the Maroon, posts on UChicago Secrets about being unable to find romance on campus indicated to the Maroon.Space’s creators that the shutdown of 2studentbodies left dating and romantic life on campus to be lacking. 

“I guess you could describe Maroon.Space as the spiritual successor of 2studentbodies, but specifically UChicago-focused,” the statement said. 

The website will require a CNetID to register and will be free to use. A user’s affiliation with the University, whether student, alumni, or faculty, will be made visible to all users. At the moment, the creators have no intention of making a profit from the website. Users will be able to create posts about the type of person and relationship they are in search of, and other users will be able to privately message them.  

“Our goal is to have fun with [creating] it and help other people have fun too!” the statement read.