Incomplete Course Registrations Confuse Students

The Registrar restricted access to my.UChicago on Tuesday evening after incomplete course schedules were visible online.

By Eugenia Ko

Pre-registered class schedules became available to students Wednesday morning after the University Registrar blocked access to the portal Tuesday evening.

Director of Public Affairs Marielle Sainvilus said the Registrar blocked student access to my.UChicago after students viewed incomplete course registrations and assumed that all courses had been posted to students’ schedules.

She said the course registrations students viewed Tuesday were not the result of a glitch or issue with pre-registration.

“Per standard procedure, it is not unusual for a few courses to appear as the program loads the entire schedule in the 24 hours leading up to announcing that pre-registration resolution had completed. Some students saw those few courses and assumed that pre-registration was complete,” Sainvilus said.

After students communicated their confusion with advisors Tuesday evening, academic advisor Bonnie Kanter told students in an e-mail that the course registrations students viewed were not final, and that the Registrar would block student access to the site until schedules were fully resolved.

 Despite the initial confusion, Sainvilus said the Registrar completed pre-registration by Wednesday morning and that the pre-registered schedules currently on my.Uchicago are final.

Students will be able to adjust their schedules during add/drop period, which begins at 9 a.m. next Monday.