Updates Announced on Crerar Renovations

Renovations will include a café and new computer science facilities

By Tyrone Lomax, News Editor

On Wednesday, the University announced construction on Crerar Library’s upper two floors that will house the relocation of both the Department of Computer Science and the Computation Institute, a partner organization of the University. Renovations began in March and are expected to be completed in June 2018. 

The new “state-of-the-art academic spaces,” according to a press release, will include graduate student offices, spaces for experimental research, conference rooms, and areas designated for seminars and workshops.  

The first floor will also be renovated. The current service desk will be refurbished, and a café will be built. The café’s vendor, however, has not yet been announced. 

The construction plans will prioritize natural lighting. New windows will be built into the facade of Crerar’s top floor and skylights will be installed in the roof. Construction for these top floor windows is expected to begin this June. 

Although Crerar will be the new home of the Department of Computer Science and the Computation Institute, it will remain open to all students. Michael Franklin, chairman of the Department of Computer Science, said that the library’s modern design will provide a welcoming experience for both computing students and those unfamiliar with the subject. 

“We are building a modern space that invites and fosters collaboration,” Franklin said. “Computing is increasingly impacting all aspects of our lives, and data science is becoming central to a growing number of disciplines. These new spaces will attract people to build a community around these crucial technologies.”