Student Government Announces Election Results

The winning executive slate was Rise, which ran unopposed and earned 1,008 votes.


The Rise Slate after an unopposed win.

By Katie Akin

The results of the 2018–19 Student Government (SG) election were announced at 5 p.m. on Friday.

The winning executive slate was Rise, which ran unopposed and earned 1,008 votes. The members of the slate—third-year Calvin Cottrell, second-year Sabine Nau, and third-year Chase Harrison—told The Maroon last week that they will prioritize improving communication between SG and the student body.

The referendum to provide sanitary pads and tampons in all campus bathrooms passed, with 1,021 votes in favor.

Christina Uzzo was elected as Undergraduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees, one of the few contested positions in this election. In a statement to The Maroon, Uzzo said she plans to focus on improving accessibility on campus.

The Graduate Liaison to the Board of Trustees will be Erica Watkins, a third-year in the Booth School of Business.

Though no formal candidates filed to be on the ballot for Community and Government Liaison, third-year Emily Harwell was elected through write-in votes. 

The College Council (CC) representatives for the Class of 2020 will be Jahne Brown, Sat Gupta, Marty Jiffar, and Veronica Myers. The representatives for the Class of 2019 will be Elizabeth Ortiz, Daphne Xu, Liam Torpy, and Zander Cowan. The Class of 2018 representatives will be Jola Idowu, Julie Xu, Ariel Aiash, and Forrest Sill. 

The CC representative for the incoming class will be elected next fall quarter.

Of these CC representatives, two ran as write-in candidates. According to Election and Rules Committee Chairman Max Freedman, this was the first time a write-in candidate has won due to a lack of candidates that filed petitions since he joined the Election and Rules Committee three years ago.